Borrowed Down Payment

Product Description:

This program is suited for home buyers who wish to purchase a home where part or all of the down payment is from borrowed sources.


• Mortgages in first position only
• Insured
• Purchase
• Purchase Plus Improvements

Property Type:

• Owner Occupied
• Partially Owner Occupied
• Maximum 2 units, where one is owner occupied


• 3 Year Fixed closed
• 4 Year Fixed closed
• 5 Year Fixed closed
• 5 Year ARM closed


• Standard insured 5 year fixed, or as per terms above. Contact broker or broker’s website for up to date rates. Email us to be added to our rate emails.

Default Insurance Premium (on LTV of : 90.01 – 95.00%):

• Premium Rate: 4.50%
• Top-Up Premium: 6.60%


• 90.01 – 95.00% LTV

Minimum Loan Amount:

• $50,000

Maximum Loan Amount:

• Insured / Insurable: $924,999


• 5 – 25 years

Borrower Qualification:

• Insured, Insurable
• Credit: Minimum score of 650 (Equifax) or higher. Minimum of 2 years history reporting on credit bureau, and no late payments in the last 36 months. No previous bankruptcy or consumer proposal
• Strong employment history
• Maximum GDS/TDS ratios allowed is 39%/44%
• Repayments must be included in the TDS calculation (ex: Unsecured LOC at 3% of balance, Credit Card at 3%, Personal Loan at actual payments)
• Qualified on the greater of Contract Rate + 2% or 5.25%
• Guarantors are to occupy the subject property

Down Payment:

• Any portion of the down payment may be borrowed.
• Repayment of borrowed funds to be included in the TDS per standard Debt Servicing requirements.
• Eligible sources are to be arm’s length to the transaction and can include but are not limited to:

— Personal loans
— Lines of credit
— Credit cards
— Gifts from non-immediate family (considered borrowed)

• Ineligible: Sources of down payment which are not arm’s length to the transaction are not eligible. These can include but are not limited to: loans or incentives from the builder, Realtor, mortgage broker, solicitor or vendor, or any loan to the borrower that impacts the property selling price.

• Required down payment amounts:

— Property value up to $500,000 – 5% down payment required
— Property value > $500,000 and < $1,000,000 – 5% down payment on the first $500k, with additional 10% down on the portion of the home value above $500k

Broker fees:

• No broker fees to pay with this program

Ineligible Products:

• Business for Self (Alt. A) Program
• Family Plan Program
• New to Canada Program
• Vacation / Secondary Homes Program (Type B Properties)
• Investment Property Program
• Second Mortgage Program

Ways to apply:

• 24/7 secure online application at
• Back up application link at
• or scan the QR code in the email signature below


This article is a brief overview of the borrowed down payment mortgages available in today’s market. While the process may be complex, borrowers can take steps to improve their chances of approval and maximize their purchase potential in the current real estate market.

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