Mortgage Rhyme for Valentine

In the heart of our home, where love has its say,
On this special, sweet Valentine’s Day.
Our hearts filled with more than just affection,
In every room, in every direction.

A mortgage, they say, is a heavy weight,
But not when carried by a love so great.
Brick by brick, and day by day,
Together, we’ve built a love that will stay.

Payments and interest, terms and fees,
All dissolve in our memories.
For our home is not just wood and stone,
It’s the love inside that we have known.

Through the years, as seasons change,
Our love, like our home, has a wide range.
From the cozy winters to the sunny springs,
Our love has grown, and joy it brings.

In the kitchen, where we share our meals,
To the living room, where time heals.
In every corner, in every space,
Our love has found its perfect place.

So here’s to us, on this day of hearts,
Celebrating where our journey starts.
In our mortgaged home, love’s sweet refrain,
Echoes in every wall, again and again.

Through the ups and downs, and the in-betweens,
Our love shines brighter than it seems.
And as we hold each other close,
It’s you, my love, I cherish most.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear,
In our cherished home, year after year.
With every payment, with every rate,
Our love, like our home, appreciates.

As Valentine’s Day draws near,
In our home, we hold each other dear.
With a mortgage that binds, but also frees,
We celebrate love, and the memories.

So here’s to us, and to a love that’s pure,
In a home that’s ours, safe and secure.
With a Valentine’s rhyme, and a mortgage sign,
Happy Valentine’s Day, forever mine.

In the end, remember, debts need not bring despair,
Turn to, we’re here because we care.
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