Questions to Ask Your Broker When Applying for a Mortgage


Navigating the mortgage landscape can be challenging. This article aims to provide you with a set of essential questions to ask your mortgage broker, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Understanding Your Mortgage Broker’s Role

Your mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between you and potential lenders. The mortgage broker prepares and submits your application to the most suitable lender based on your situation. The lender reviews and approves, or declines the application based on your situation. It is the broker’s job to find a lender that will approve your application. In some severe instances due to difficult credit situations, insufficient income or documentation, property concerns, time constraints or other issues, that might become a challenging thing to do. In those cases, with your permission, the broker might reach out to alternative, and/or private lenders, if the prime lenders are unable to approve your application.

Here are some questions that you can ask your mortgage broker, that will help you understand the mortgage broker’s role better:

Application Questions:

  1. Do I need to meet with you in person to apply?
  2. Can I apply online?
  3. Is my personal information secure? Who will look at it?
  4. What information do I need to provide on the application?
  5. What documents will I need to provide?
  6. What are the qualifications for approval?
  7. How can I get pre-approved for a mortgage?
  8. When should I start the pre-approval process?
  9. How quickly can I get my pre-approval letter?
  10. How long does the approval process usually take?
  11. Is there anything that I should know about about the process that will make it faster and easier to get the mortgage?

Appraisal Questions:

  1. Will I need an appraisal?
  2. Who will be doing the appraisal?
  3. Who pays for it? How much is it?
  4. What happens if the appraised value is too low?
  5. Why can’t my real estate agent appraise the property?
  6. I have a friend / relative that is an appraiser, can he / she do it?

Broker Questions:

  1. What does a mortgage broker do?
  2. What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker?
  3. What’s the difference between using a mortgage broker instead of going to a lender directly?
  4. Are you a provincially licensed broker? How can I confirm that?
  5. What is the difference between a mortgage broker, and a mortgage agent?
  6. How long have you been working as a broker?
  7. Do you have experience with borrowers in a similar situation to me?
  8. How do you get paid, and does it affect my mortgage rate?
  9. Whom do you represent (e.g., me or the lender)?

Buying Questions:

  1. How much house can I afford?
  2. What is the process of buying a house?
  3. What is the difference in being a first time buyer, compared to someone that has bought before?
  4. Do I need to work with real estate agent to buy a house?
  5. How would I know when it’s the right time to make an offer on a house?
  6. How do I know if the property I want to buy is worth the money they are asking for it?
  7. When should I start looking for a house?
  8. What should I look for in a neighbourhood?
  9. Should I get a home inspection before I make an offer?
  10. What happens if the home’s value decreases after I buy it? Can I get some money back?
  11. Do I need a lawyer when I am buying?

Credit Questions:

  1. How will my credit score affect my mortgage rate?
  2. Do I need great credit to get a mortgage?
  3. What is the minimum credit score requirement?
  4. Who will be looking at my credit report?
  5. How will this affect my credit score?
  6. Can I get a mortgage if I have a bad credit?
  7. Can I get better rate, if I have a someone with stronger credit cosign for me?

Down Payment Questions:

  1. How much down payment do I need to have
  2. What is the minimum down payment requirement?
  3. What are my options if I can’t afford a large down payment?
  4. Can I borrow the down payment?
  5. Can I take money from family and friends to use as a down payment?

Prepayment Questions:

  1. Can I pre-pay my mortgage?
  2. What are the prepayment options?
  3. Can I increase my payments to pay off my mortgage sooner, and by how much?
  4. Are there any penalties for early repayment?
  5. What happens if I sell my home before the mortgage term ends?

Mortgage Questions:

  1. What types of mortgages do you offer?
  2. Can you explain the pros and cons of the different types of mortgages?
  3. Do you offer mortgage programs for first-time homebuyers?
  4. What is your process for finding a suitable mortgage?
  5. What type of mortgage is best one for my situation? Why?
  6. Which lender is best for my financial situation?

Mortgage Insurance Questions:

  1. What types of mortgage insurance are there, and is it required? What if I don’t want it?
  2. How much will the mortgage insurance premium be?
  3. Is the mortgage insurance premium a one-time payment or ongoing?
  4. Can the mortgage insurance be cancelled at some point?
  5. What happens to my mortgage insurance if I refinance?
  6. What are the requirements for other types of insurance on the property?
  7. Do you offer life insurance and disability insurance that cover the mortgage payments in case of accidents or fatalities?

Mortgage Renewal Questions:

  1. When does mortgage renewal occur?
  2. What happens at mortgage renewal?
  3. Can I switch lenders at mortgage renewal?
  4. What are the costs associated with mortgage renewal?
  5. Can I renegotiate my mortgage terms at renewal?
  6. What should I consider when renewing with my current lender?
  7. What if I don’t want to stay with the current lender? Can I switch to another?

Mortgage Refinancing Questions:

  1. What is mortgage refinancing and why might I consider it?
  2. What are the costs associated with refinancing?
  3. How much equity can I access through refinancing?
  4. What are the potential risks of refinancing?
  5. How will refinancing affect my mortgage terms?
  6. How soon after purchase can I refinance the mortgage?
  7. Will refinancing benefit my current situation?
  8. Can I save money if I refinance?

Payment Questions:

  1. What will be my monthly payment?
  2. What is a realistic payment plan?
  3. What happens if I can’t make the mortgage payments? Can I return the house?
  4. Based on my income, how long will it take me to pay off my mortgage?

Questions about Costs:

  1. What kind of fees are associated with the mortgage?
  2. What are the closing costs and who is responsible for them?
  3. Are there any additional fees I should know about?

Rate and Term Questions:

  1. Do you offer good rates?
  2. What are your current mortgage rates?
  3. Can you guarantee me your rate in writing?
  4. Can I lock in my mortgage rate?
  5. I have heard of APR, but I don’t know what it is. Can you explain it to me?
  6. What type of interest rate is best for me?
  7. Should I choose a fixed-rate or a variable-rate mortgage?
  8. Should I choose an open or closed mortgage?
  9. What is the loan-to-value ratio?
  10. What is the term of the mortgage and what happens when it ends?
  11. What is the amortization period?
  12. Is the mortgage portable if I decide to move?
  13. Should I pick a shorter or longer term? Pros and cons of each?


Asking these questions will help you make an informed decision about your mortgage. Remember, the goal is to find a mortgage that fits your financial situation and homeownership goals. These are some of the more common questions that we hear in our day-to-day interaction with consumers.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Ltd. We can be reached at (519) 252-9665. We’re here to help you navigate your mortgage journey.

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